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Brendan Galvin
There are days when I knowif I could lay down crossties and railsall the way out the peninsula, I’d go, passing
Ethel Rackin
It was the beginning of an endingwe all had our stories to tellwhat with the layoffs
Nicholas Friedman
In the wilds of our suburban lawn,the natural world inclines to fable:Gray squirrels, unperturbed by rain,
Martin Edmunds
Me: drypoint lover.Your brush? Loaded with color.
Julie Bruck
The doughy older man in a Marine Bulldogs jacketsignals his wife in the crowded hospital pharmacy,clutching his bagged prescription like a dead pheasant.
Hannah Louise Poston
Julia Hungry She reconstructs her ruptured orange peel
Maryann Corbett
When I haul my carcass up from my creaking knees to mumble the old form (stubbing my tongue on the brick of a new translation)
Someone read "As Kingfishers Catch Fire" out loud. I had never heard anything like it. I felt a pleasure I can only describe as a swoon. I gripped the edges of the desk to keep myself upright.