Ivana Bodrožić (translated from the Croatian by Damir Šodan)
Jazz hid itself somewhere, it rustled its brushes cautiously, before all those christs and crosses, before all the loud sons and fathers
from the book In a Sentimental Mood / Sandorf Passage
Desiree C. Bailey
I am I    but I won’t spill my name not here on this damned rock    pushed out bloody from the bowels of the sea        marketplace island where the cloud’s crest    and birdsong all for sale
C. Dale Young
Some men go down to the river. I went down, instead, to the lake: the air silent and stretched tightly over it, the water unmoved and dangerously still. Some men move past such a scene without even the slightest notice of it.
Vaan Nguyen (translated from the Hebrew by Adriana X. Jacobs)
He won’t ride a shod animal. He prefers to trouble his head to stand by the road unkempt under a tree waiting how he will outlive me like a quotation.
Sean Shearer
There were woods behind my house                       scattered with berries I couldn’t digest. I’d curl on top of the dirt                 hugging the knot inside my belly and now                                                I’m in bed kissing a pale green vein as I listen to his voice like a knife with its scar—                                                                            six birds stretched across a fret board.

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