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Welcome to Poetry Daily, where each day subscribers may read a new poem chosen from books, magazines and journals in print. Our primary purpose is to make it easier for more people to find poets and poetry that they like, and easier also for publishers and editors to bring news of their books, magazines and journals to more people.

Our basic service to readers is simple: visitors signing on to Poetry Daily are welcomed by free access to “Today’s Poem,” selected for literary quality, as well as topical and seasonal interest, from books and journals currently in print. Each poem is accompanied by complete attribution of the poem’s source, which links readers to:

  • Detailed promotional information about the featured book or journal
  • Biographical information about the featured poet
  • Your web site, if available

We hope that as you browse through Poetry Daily, you will sense the ways in which we can serve you as we serve our readers.

Participation in Poetry Daily is easy: all that is required is that we receive review copies of your books or journal issues, along with permission to make selections for “Today’s Poem.” We do not guarantee that a selection will be made from every book and journal we receive, but every publication appears on our Hot Off the Presses page.

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