Messages to Readers

The new look and feel of Poetry Daily is the result of a collaboration between two gifted designers and its new editorial and production teams based at George Mason University. Our aim in the redesign, from start to finish, was to update the reading experience while preserving our founding editors' original vision of Poetry Daily: a daily online reading space that brings news and information about poetry, poets, and the world of poetry publications to its thousands of readers.
Beginning on January 1, 2019, Poetry Daily will be published out of George Mason University (our neighbors to the north of our non-virtual home of Charlottesville, Virginia) under the editorship of poets Peter Streckfus and Sally Keith, along with poet Aaron McCollough, associate editor for production and director of George Mason University Press and Mason Publishing; and under the administrative guidance of Gregg Wilhelm, Director of Creative Writing, in collaboration with PD’s board of directors.