Seamus Heaney
And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore, In September or October, when the wind And the light are working off each other
from the book 100 Poems / Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Julia Guez
In this weather: all the leafless ampersands line the boardwalk beneath a pewter sky.
Kathryn Merwin
A toothless moon on 43rd Street— somebody is crying, sirens in the city. I saw the color of your eyes. I saw you...
Huang Fan (translated from the Chinese by Margaret Ross & Huang Fan)
I’ve never seen pigeons argue I only see them soar I don’t know if a pigeon is naïve or worldly I just know it has no past to make it toil through life
Katie Ford
Well, everyone thrashes against a wall in this life.

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