Marie-Andrée Gill (translated from the French by Kristen Renee Miller)
if you are looking for me, I am home or somewhere on Nitassinan; all my doors and windows are open.        I’m heating the outdoors.
from the book Heating the Outdoors / Book*hug Press
Sasha taqʷšəblu LaPointe
for me to be a real Indian like the ones in the movies I was going to need to buy a pony...
Michael Farrell
He lived before there was an air index He chopped up Latin like a pickled vegetable When he walked under a bird they stopped singing like a light...
Hussain Ahmed
We folded the grief in our pockets. The news got to his mama before we got home. I still expect an angel to knock on our door, before the pain slips away, before we decide who wears his clothes.
Olena Kalytiak Davis
Look, our little tree has taken root, presents its fruit: thirty-six or -seven ombré ways to cherry. Alone (and mute) in the garden I garden, alone in...

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