Joe Hall
Accuracy without ambition is all I can ask for from a poem.
from the book Fugue and Strike / Black Ocean

In our series “Language as Form,” we invited poets to write about poetic language as patterned language—how words as sound, voice, sentence, and song become elements of form.

Petra Kuppers on "Split/Screen"
Photo: Petra Kuppers
Nora Hikari
Did you know tears are sieved blood? Spit, too. We are just one leaky vessel trying to keep everything in. Keep trying.
Andrés Ajens (translated from the Spanish by Erín Moure)
a silence will have yet been spoken prior to the saying, its time, language and its metaphors, the ghastly potions, the wondrous ones, the neutral, one silence intercalated / between one, ibid and none,
Christy Prahl
Here in the body museum, women speaking Hungarian rinse one another with buckets of water, warmed from a spigot in a turquoise room.
Najwan Darwish (translated from the Arabic by Kareem James Abu-Zeid)
Your name's like a ship with no hope of arriving, no hope of returning— It never arrives, and it never returns. It never arrives, and it never goes under.
Jim Whiteside
a little point of ignition, a place where it wanted to burn

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