I’ll Come to You

Leeladhar Jagoori (translated from the Hindi by Matt Reeck)
I'll come like new life comes to a beaten-down exhausted soul
from the book What of the Earth Was Saved / World Poetry

What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature in which we invite poets to explore experiences and ideas that spark new poems.

In the series The Poems of Others, we’ve invited poets to pay homage to a poem that first sparked poetry in them—a poem they read that gave them permission to write poetry or the idea that they might write it—a poem that led them down the path to becoming a poet.

Talin Tahajian on Frank Bidart's "Half-Light"
Photo: Talin Tahajian
Adele Elise Williams
I have already said Gun three times today like this Gun Gun Gun I wrote an essay on it just this week — on the saying of Gun and things of pain
Anuel Rodriguez
I can feel the future behind me and see the past in front of me like a sky-blue pyramid.
Stacie Cassarino
Not with lust, though the unsettled lover that carries my child through woods of tapped maple trees laid the sum of her muscular body on top of mine last night...
Destiny Hemphill
tell em I ain't playing with them no more. tell em I said: no more hide & seek. i said: go ahead & seek me out. tell em my body be galactic. tell em my body be guide home. tell em i been lost too long. i pray: make me like the stars my ancestors followed—captivating yet always eluding captivity. i pray: return me to (my star) dust.
Mickie Kennedy
But I want his death to hold                gravity, as vast as my grief.                               So it's less of a lie and more of a myth—a better ending for the man                who taught me never to fear                               dangerous things.

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