Ladan Osman
My mother walked Liido Beach every morning when pregnant. I know the mineral scent of saltwater wherever I am. If the sun bakes the metal of earth, if my own damp scalp sweats, if I hold my hennaed palms to my face.
from the book Exiles of Eden / Coffee House Press
Susan Laughter Meyers
What falls from the sky is not always rain or any kind of weather. Call it precipitous. I'm fooling myself, of course. Wearing sorrow is nothing like skin shedding water. It's more like the weight of a cloak of crows.
Aracelis Girmay
But to be perfectly clear, my enemies are not hungry. They are not standing in lines for food, or stretching rations, or waiting at the airports to claim the pieces of the bodies of their dead. My enemies ride jets to parties.
Chad Abushanab
There are things you can't learn over the phone, like how each day your mother's losing weight. Her hug has turned to a burlap sack of bones. You imagine it sharp and cold. Her heart beats jaggedly. There's dark beneath her eyes.
Martha Silano
when pigeon guillemots gulp Doritos bags, there's no room in a gut for a mollusk, a morsel of crab. Punches holes in their organs. Strips parts. Scraps scripts. When birds chew Blowpop wrappers, guzzle Glad bags, courtship desists.

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