Chad Abushanab
There are things you can't learn over the phone, like how each day your mother's losing weight. Her hug has turned to a burlap sack of bones. You imagine it sharp and cold. Her heart beats jaggedly. There's dark beneath her eyes.
from the book The Last Visit / Autumn House Press
Martha Silano
when pigeon guillemots gulp Doritos bags, there's no room in a gut for a mollusk, a morsel of crab. Punches holes in their organs. Strips parts. Scraps scripts. When birds chew Blowpop wrappers, guzzle Glad bags, courtship desists.
Jake Skeets
He is headlights; two boys quickly push off each other. Commas dangling like belt buckles from their ankled jeans as they run out to the brushes.
Liu Tsung-Yuan (translated from the Chinese by Red Pine)
A thousand mountains and not a bird flying ten thousand paths and not a single footprint an old man in his raincoat in a solitary boat fishes alone in the freezing river snow
Martha Collins
another beach, the last one we walked together, hand in hand in the August sun, and I walked on while you rested there, and now it is winter and I am here with almost the last of you in my hand

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