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And under all this now a steady grating— a plastic bottle of blue cheese dressing scraping up against the concrete gutter, bobbing off the aqua, sun-flicked waves the kids have made by jumping.
from the book To the Wren: Collected & New Poems / Alice James Books
Megan Fernandes
the girl with the fake lashes knows i like a double gin and i am telling sam that i am a dog who was converted when i was seventeen and my mother found an essay about how i was in love with a girl and there was a portishead reference
Eryn Green
We live on             the edge of A raft through             dejection A joy almost             too great To speak...
Joseph J. Capista
Having seen the osprey grasp then set its fish so that en route from sea to bay prey's eyes face only west...
Avraham Chalfi (translated from the Hebrew by Atar Hadari)
And the body hurts itself the hurt Of the entire world. Let rain fall. Like a rainy autumn That's awkward as a beast.

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