Tomaž Šalamun (translated from the Slovenian by Brian Henry)
Houses open their mouths, swallow flowers. Lightning doesn't choose. I brushed the spruces by hand. A car has a tire, a farmhand a whip, trash cans are falling. We have two natures.
from the journal American Poetry Review
Emily Berry
Somebody said: 'I am a master of elision.' I veiled my tended wound. I veiled my narrative. Somebody called it: 'some kind of gratuitous beauty.' I veiled my photograph of her in sixties playsuit
Jenny George
It could have been any gate, any moment when things go one way and not the other—an act of tenderness or a small, cruel thing done with a pocketknife. A child being born. Or the way we move from sleeping to dreams, as a river flows uneasy under ice.
Wong May
Listen if you listen carefully for long you will hear nothing
Bradley Trumpfheller
This time, I’ll be a girl & you can be anything alive. Take the rope off your wrists.                                                                           Somewhere far away from here,                      a star’s unspooling its star-white curtain.

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