Joyelle McSweeney
in your sleep you repeat the motion of advancing, retracting of flinging wide your nets to net the moon but like every tide you fail like a pulsing star you signal like a star you fail to hide behind your signal
from the journal ITERANT

What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature that explores experiences and ideas that spark the writing of new poems.

In Ecopoetry Now, invited poets engage in an ecopoetic conversation across borders. In poems and poetics statements, their work describes important local differences, including bioregion and language, as well as a shared concern for the Earth. We hope to highlight poetry’s integral role in creating and sustaining a broadly ecological imagination that is most alive when biologically, culturally, and linguistically diverse.

M. L. Smoker on "Heart Butte, Montana"
Photo: M.L. Smoker
Mariana Berenice Bredow Vargas (translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander)
we barely know, who hardly matter to us, words that only hide us from sorrow, forgive me                for saying so, but facing death, there’s just no place                              for dissimulation, and I can’t imagine what...
tatiana nascimento (translated from the Portuguese by Natália Affonso)
planning the end of the world, to me, is an Afro-diasporic longing for night becoming day on the roof of your mouth, word apocalypse.
Robert Wood Lynn
memory for continuing to be the past with a leak in it somehow I love you a little better every day surprised by it each morning the way I am always surprised by how goats make the sound of drunks making goat noises

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