Gillian Sze
For an instant—all is convinced before moonlight kneels, as it does, to cast each day away.
from the book Quiet Night Think: Poems & Essays / ECW Press

What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature that explores experiences and ideas that spark the writing of new poems.

In Ecopoetry Now, poets from Canada, Mexico, and the US engage in an ecopoetic conversation across borders. In poems, poetics statements, and reading lists, their work describes important local differences, including of bioregion and native language, as well as a shared concern for the Earth. We hope to highlight poetry’s integral role in creating and sustaining a broadly ecological imagination that is most alive when biologically, culturally, and linguistically diverse.

Maricela Guerrero on a Common Heartbeat
Photo: Maricela Guerrero
Lawrence Raab
If there's a late spring the plants suffer. They shouldn't have been so eager. Look at you, I say, you almost dead things, bent over; thrown out of the celebration.
Eloisa Amezcua
               she's an ocean she fills the room        like water she is water she sways like water she rocks as she sings
Robert Wood Lynn
Closing my car door, you always say                                     watch for deer and text when you get home. I want to, I do, but I will forget.
Maricela  Guerrero (translated from the Spanish by Robin Myers)

Eight thousand seven hundred kilometers or 4700 nautical miles away, a forest has been blazing for days now.

A plane sent to smother the fire crashed and became one with the flames; that’s what the news said.

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