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Jennifer Moxley

Wanted AttentionMiracle Gro crystals blue the waterinside the watering can.The thirsty houseplantcranes towardthe new spring sun.You open your blue down vest,invite me in. Myneck cranes up to finda kiss that wants fornothing, unfastens all. The Bittersweet EchoThe junkyard kitten has the needFor the love-starved boy to bring it feedOn his way back home from school—To correspond, to break the cool.And rhymes are lullabies to mourningAnd pretty the pain of human longing.

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Jennifer  Moxley

Jennifer Moxley is a poet, essayist, and translator. She lives in Maine with her husband Steve Evans.

With Robert Herrick and Lightnin’ Hopkins as her guides, Jennifer Moxley records in these bold new poems midlife’s little losses, the subtle joys of a sweet marriage, and the give-and-take of the poet’s vocation. Direct in speech, full of wit and erotic exuberance, and never refusing the temptations of a double entendre, Druthers reassesses the purpose and pleasures of poetry. While navigating her way out of “deep blues and dark woods,” Moxley has written some of her most masterful work yet.

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