Triin Paja

There are nothing but gifts on this poor, poor Earth.
                                                                 —Czeslaw Milosz

I memorize your grandmother’s name.
I ask you to describe her hands
and you repeat
                          soft, soft, soft.
I kiss the fleur de sel on your eyes
and hear the cuervo of her heart
that you must carry.
grandmother, the young woman
folding cabbage rolls.
what I mean is, we are wearing
the funeral veil of memory
and the city of the dead is inside us.
writing by your window, I learn
the sound of a train whistle
can fragment
                       a landscape.
where you were born
donkeys carry baskets of roses,
jacarandas mate with the sky,
and your grandmother’s mouth
turns into a dahlia—
I walk out. snow falls on my braid.
I ask you to describe her hands
and you repeat
                          soft, soft, soft.
I look to our empty hands
and see nothing but gifts.

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Triin Paja lives in rural Estonia. Her poetry has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Portland Review, Adroit, and Entropy, among others. She is the author of a poetry collection in Estonian, Nõges (Värske Raamat, 2018).




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