environments building on themselves not themselves anymore when the ballon is up and up and rubber touching air squeaking the sky but never rubbing the blue off

Laura Buccieri

environments like merub up against youare systems of hairs standing up on skin plasteredon muscles tense when our hands hold the sweat in betweengazing downpavement we can still seethe tree shaking from the windi always shake a little withinenvironments like us worry worlds like this boy on girl on boy on fists plunginginto cereal boxes in search of a toywho wins if it’s freetrash bins are fullof superwoman action figures thrown out by every boy who wants a man forhimselfenvironment is pre fall end of day coolness running its fingers through the treesmove slow sensualityyou’re across the roomenvironment isreceding curry smellseach a toy solider standing surrounding you’re beautifulwhen you spoon rice from our pot i can’ttake my eyes offof your bodyfull of motion andi can tell you thatour love lives in the darkness of a blink

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Laura Buccieri is the author of, on being mistaken (PANK Books, 2018). You can find her most recent work in Cosmonauts Avenue, Metatron, Prelude, Lambda Literary, Word Riot, Apogee, and elsewhere. She is the publicist at Copper Canyon Press and lives in NYC – and online at laurabuccieri.com.


April 2018

Executive Editor: Janice Lee
Poetry Editor: Michelle Detorie

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