Enzu Seaglass

Adam Day

Town sits like a sleeping animal
on top of a hill, drenched in mistand drizzle. Along the road, a jeep
with a silver birch growingwhere engine was. Snow
in the swale. ‘And what is death,’ Neighborasks, ‘Some mother’s or my own?’
They pop off all day at the clinic,cut into bits in the dissecting room.
Woodshadows float silentlythrough morning motes,
seaward. Inshore and farther outthe mirror of water whitens, spurned
by lightshod hurrying feet. Cloudbegins to cover slowly the sun, shadow
the bay in deeper green, bowlof bitter waters. Nickel shaving dish
in his hands, feeling coolness, smellingthe clammy slaver of the lather
where the brush is stuck. Nothinghere quite the same.

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Adam Day is the author of Model of a City in Civil War (Sarabande 2015), and is the recipient of a PSA Chapbook Fellowship for Badger, Apocrypha, and of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. His work has appeared in Boston Review, Lana Turner, APR, Poetry London, AGNI, The Iowa Review, and other publications. He coordinates The Baltic Writing Residency in Sweden, Scotland, and Blackacre State Nature Preserve.


Spring 2018

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