Andrew Dally
a car-shaped gale        roils a car-shaped sea        a car-shaped sea
courses our car-shaped car        our car cuts calculi in the woven
elements        stirs up these small weathers        as a gradient layer
cake        of speeds radiates away        i read equations on the
internet        that i understand completely        on an emotional
level        some moments feel more viscous        some drag is
characterized as parasitic        the outside tries its best to keep
up        as our rearview rewinds        the splotched drive home
on the windshield and hood        crash drops of self-destructive
rain        they dance        they disappear        into their dance
partners        dark arcs        dark arcs        wipers so sinister        in
their monotonous suppression        of the amoebic legions        of
water reaching        for a freedom that lies        just outside the
frame        when the rain sprays mistily        from car back to sky
is it rain again?        a small envelope of air        cradles every
tumbling droplet        the droplets expand        the landscape as
they sew it        all together        you wake up        in a blacked-out
America        and someone flashes on        a McDonald's sign        i

am five        hundred thousand drops of rain        from home

i am only three
identical McDonald's
from where we first met

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Andrew Dally is a poet and programmer from Pennsylvania. His first chapbook won the DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press chapbook prize, and his poems can be found in Denver QuarterlyLEVELER, and The Boiler. He currently lives in Spartanburg, SC, where he helps run a micro-press called Condensery.

"Andrew Dally's poems turn the ubiquitous McDonald's in the American landscape into touchstone, into rhythm, via a language that feels brand new. Like a perfect playlist for a long road trip, this book fuses disparate elements to build a moving, intimate mythology for our time."
—Melissa Ginsburg

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