Pattie McCarthy

mercy said that she told         her mercy told

the wifthing of bath        tooth-gapped beautiful

lickerous deaf      the hawk in havoc

plucks a chinhair wearing reading glasses

the hex in hag                  one wishes

just once for the hag to remain a hag

speak of mercy & the wolf will appear

let nature take its course they said I was

covered in blood on my knees in nature

saying        this happens to everyone         comforts

exactly no one                            note that mnu

stands for maiden name unknown an exhaustive

accusation archive              they said why didn’t

you fight back I said that’s what I’m doing

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Pattie McCarthy is the author of six books of poetry and a dozen chapbooks, most recently margerykempething and qweyne wifthing (eth press, 2017). She is nontenure track faculty at Temple University.

the tiny

Issue 6 – 2018

Clinton, Iowa

Editors: Gabriella Torres and Gina Myers

Founded in 2005, the tiny was an annual print poetry journal edited by Gabriella Torres and Gina Myers. From 2005-2008, the journal published a wide range of poets, many of whom found their first publications in our pages. the tiny ceased publication in 2008 but returned in September 2017 as a biannual online journal edited by Torres and Myers. Keeping with its original vision, the tiny seeks to publish work from a diverse range of emerging and established voices.

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