It’s Late

Gemma Gorga
Translated from the Catalan by Sharon Dolin

It’s been a while already since the last pair of animalsclimbed into the ark.An admirable job.The solitary ones have remained on earth,the unpaired, the ones markedwith a red felt penby God.The chill of the firstdrops disperses themonto the avenuesslipperyfrom the port and docksalready without the strength to look up,where thousands of hands and handkerchiefshappily wave toward the promised land—farewell, farewell, farewell—always in pairs.

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Gemma Gorga has published six collections of poetry in Catalan. The poem featured here is from Diafragma (Girona), a 2013 collaboration with photographer Joan Ramell. She teaches at the University of Barcelona.

Sharon Dolin (translator)

Sharon Dolin is the author of six poetry collections, most recently Manual for Living and Whirlwind (both from Pittsburgh). Her translation from Catalan of Gemma Gorga’s Book of Minutes is forthcoming from the Field Translation Series (Oberlin).


Number 95 / Winter 2017

Seattle, Washington

Center for Religious Humanism
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