Gabriella Torres

Dear Heavenly Body Appearing as a Point of Light,

You are a rare bird.

Amaranth & Vector
Ameliorate the fly.*Dear Precious Sparrow,

Thank you for your algorithm. It has proved fruitful
in the nourishment of waves. This ocean has been
reported singing hymns.

At this hour
the horses turned to glass.*All Sparrows are called Song Sparrows,
i.e. Atlantic Song
far field contributions are to this principle
necessary adhesions
setting all bonds to a significant increase
stammer, glittering.

You arc a field.*Dear Arrival of the Honey Flow,

You are a source of pasture; the management and wintering of
Bees. Liquid (l) states tension exposing droplets on the surface.

I have just discovered this instrument.
The honey flow & removal of crop.*Dear Luminous Object Thinking Tendencies,

You are a Mobile Border where
A stands for air. We call this
Partial Wetting.

It is the great hope of every field man
to descry a rare bird.

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Gabriella Torres’s work is largely informed by her experience of growing up Latinx in the rural Midwest. Her poems are heavily influenced by Midwestern landscapes and wildlife.

580 Split

Issue 20

Oakland, California

Mills College

Managing Editor: David Mejia
Poetry Editors: Raihana Haynes-Venerable and Sean Schaeffer

580 Split is a journal of arts and letters founded in 1998 by graduate students of the Literatures and Languages Department at Mills College. We publish fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art with an eye for writing that is innovative, risk-taking, and timely.

Our name comes from the crisscrossing and splitting highway ramps, overpasses, and interchanges near Mills College. It represents the rich cultural and literary interchange that Oakland incubates like no other city in America.

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