My Mother as Tom Cruise

Luisa Muradyan

Or as every other late 80s action heromy mother successfully jumping off of a skyscraperonto another skyscraper my mother hunting thePredator with a cigar lodged in her mouthmy mother saying sonofabitch in the coolestway imaginable my mother ripping a mask offto reveal she is not in fact the president of the UnitedStates but that she is in fact my mothermy mother somehow knowing how to pilota helicopter my mother pulling her abusivefather out of a bath tub my mother slammingher fist down on the table during an armwrestling tournament my mother registeringher hands as lethal weapons my mother pleadingwith her mother to leave before things got dangerousmy mother watching things get dangerousmy mother holding the green wire and the bluewire and figuring out which wire to cutmy mother covered in her mother's bloodmy mother my mother my god my motherwalking away from a burningcar my mother an action herothat self-destructs and yet she's stillmy mother sitting in front of a villaincalming explaining to him that deathis almost here without sharks withoutbombs. My mother pale as the moonlightmy mother watching himdie slowly, in explosive peaceand immeasurable quiet.

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Luisa Muradyan is originally from the Ukraine and holds a Ph.D. in Poetry from the University of Houston. She is the author of American Radiance (University of Nebraska Press) the recipient of the 2017 Prairie Schooner Book Prize. Muradyan is also a member of the Cheburashka Collective, a group of women and non binary writers from the former Soviet Union. Previous poems have appeared in Coffee House Press, The Missouri Review, Jewish Currents, American Literary Review, and the London Review among others.

Fall 2020

Berkeley, California

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