Perfect Match

Martin Edmunds

Me: drypoint lover.
Your brush? Loaded with color.Me: rustic, plodding
through mud from cattail to cane-
brake, hayfoot, strawfoot, hayfoot, straw,
willing and able.And you, my vixen?
You pour through grassland like
whiskey over ice.
Cool but kind. Kind but not nice.A real dame
raised you to be neither
grateful nor un-
grateful. Giddy.Brilliant. Safe
as a flame in a stable—

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Martin Edmunds is the author of a prose chapbook, La Danza de las Zarzas (Dance of the Brambles; Frolic Press, 2015) and a chapbook of poems, Black Ops (Arrowsmith Press, forthcoming spring 2018). His writing has appeared in A Public Space, Little Star, The Paris Review, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. He was awarded a 2012 artist fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and three of his poems were honored in the W. B. Yeats Society of New York’s poetry competition in 2017.


Issue 87

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University

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Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
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