Preferred Propaganda

Trinity Tibe

There were no billboards of breasts,of legs I could never match the length of—I liked not being meat as I am in America.There was not enough produce to go aroundand if you look closelyI was part of the problem.And if you held the country at arm's length and squinted,the ban burdening a ninety-mile stretch of egowas part of the problem.          I did eat romaine leaves mashedwith avocado and oil without considering who I didn't feed,I did buy tomato and let a man overcharge me.I keep trade between my hand and anotherbut economy involves itself in history, taxesthe luxury of learning where I came from.When it comes totaken liberties,surely I am not all magazine and not-enough and green money.My blood must have something to do with me.

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Trinity Tibe is the co-founder of Say Yes, a Brooklyn-based art collective and performance showcase. She is a winner of Crosswinds Poetry Journal‘s Annual Contest and Pacifica Literary Review‘s Winter Poetry Contest. Her work appears in Bodega, Duende, Public Pool, Potluck, and more. She was a 2018 artist-in-residence at the Trélex Residency in Switzerland.

The Florida Revie, Volume 42, Number 2

Volume 42, Number 2

Orlando, Florida

University of Central Florida

Editor & Director
Lisa Roney

Managing Editor
Leah Washburn

Poetry Editor
Kenneth Hart

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