Rachel’s Chair

Katie Farris

Once, manyyears ago, we madelove at a friend’shouse. We were over-night guests, notperverts (on the whole)but what I amtrying to say is sheowned a chair soperfect for lovemakingwe joked about askingto take it home. IfI had only known thenhow rarely we would findsuch objectsI would have.

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photo of Katie Farris

Katie Farris’s work appears in American Poetry Review, Granta, The Nation, and Poetry, and has been commissioned by MoMA. She is the author of the chapbook A Net to Catch My Body in its Weaving, which won the 2020 Chad Walsh Poetry Award from Beloit Poetry Journal, and boysgirls, a hybrid-form book, as well as co-translator of many books of poetry. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Brown University. She is currently Associate Professor in Creative Writing at Georgia Institute of Technology. Standing in the Forest of Being Alive (Alice James Books, 2023) is her first book of poems.

The 2021 title in the Chad Walsh Chapbook Series is Katie Farris's A Net to Catch My Body in its Weaving.

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