Sea’s fool

A. E. Stallings

I dreamed there was a flower called “Sea’s fool”That bloomed wild, dawdling on the shore, unkempt,Wind-tousled. Glamored by the name, I dreamtThe pink tinge of a second-water jewel.With trefoil leaves, in clover-globes, it grewAlong some rocky fringe of coast I knew,In pockets of sand along a tidal pool.Dreaming, I didn’t wonder what it meant,But waking, there was no such thing: “Sea’s fool”Was something I had dreamed up. To inventA thing only to lose it—I could seeThe plant clear as its name, could almost feelThe heart-shaped leaves’ rough cat-tongue texture, realAs the fool’s grief dreaming of the seizeful sea.

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A. E. Stallings has lived in Athens since 1999. Her new translation of Hesiod’s Works and Days is just out from Penguin Classics.

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