Andrew Soye

the Celtic for tranquillityburden, bêtes de somme,
we are, have become,
beastsa warning, sommation,
summons, we did
what was demandedof us, a sum, en somme,
all in all, it all
comes down to this—a little snooze,
a nap, a doze, someoneelse’s history

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Andrew Soye lives near Belfast. He won the 2014 Kent & Sussex Poetry Competition, was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards Poem of the Year (2016), and has been published in several magazines.

Magma Poetry

Spring 2018


Editors: Susannah Hart and Paul Stephenson

Like all the best poetry, Magma is always surprising. Every issue of Magma has a different editor, either members of our board or a prominent poet acting as a guest editor. It’s that fresh eye in each issue which gives Magma its unique variety.

Our aim is to promote the very best in contemporary poetry. Poetry that’s alert to the world we live in, that’s honest and above all, unexpected. It may come from previously unpublished or emerging poets or the more established. We make a point of including unknown poets alongside known names, and we’ve published Seamus Heaney, Don Paterson, Sean O’Brien, Alice Oswald, Al Alvarez, Wendy Cope, George Szirtes, Gillian Clarke, John Burnside and Mark Doty among many others.

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