The Brilliant Fragments

Hadara Bar-Nadav

To kneel by the cochinealhead of the dead.Fragments—grammarbroken along the way.I tell you the birdsdropped at my feet,               eleven of them, sucked               out of the sky, whole.I return home.I report the details.The men who attemptto control animalstell me to bag each one,though I am afraidto touch their brightstillness—               the blank eyes               in their blank heads.               It is all are the chemical cloudsdrifting from the fieldswhere the cows makeus milk and meat.The sunsets beautifully hued:oozy pink, infected apricot.               Day after day of wrong color.And then farm trucks encirclethe town and spraya silver-white fogto neutralize the air.Twinkling stitchedto the sky               like ghosts               beading the wind.

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Hadara Bar Nadav’s most recent book of poetry is The New Nudity. She teaches in the MFA program at the University of Missouri—Kansas City.

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