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Emily Wilson

several winding tubelets in an infrastructure flared corollas, violet-gray, chert-white amaryllis blooms a fused medusa at best, unto itself, a revolution just above ground turned into many kinds of lily from just one field up the road wig-like clumps of longish leaves intermittently smooth then like the Spanish banderas’ hovering pikes’ scarlet gauntlet spitting gasoline fire furled in sun, cut close for market transfer patterns or grass, the fair textile

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Black-and-white photographic portrait of Emily Wilson, poet

Emily Wilson is the author of three books of poems, most recently,  The Great Medieval Yellows (Canarium, 2015). She lives in Iowa City, Iowa, where she pursues a mix of poetry and visual arts.

New York, New York

"Their 'cheap' aesthetic was also translated to the web, where early online poetry journals like Can We Have Our Ball Back? sported a deliberately rudimentary html design, eschewing a more savvy, professional look even with improvements in user-friendly web design interfaces. These production values were in part an homage, exhibiting a luddite-like nostalgia for the 'authentic' engagement with poetry, while invoking the 'gift economies' that served their modes of distribution. Yet, this kind of publishing was still empowered to make a statement through its embattled marginality, newly necessary in the face of new mainstreams and new media."
—Matvei Yankelevich

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