The Rock that Is Not a Rabbit

Corey Marks

The rock that is not a rabbit suns itselfin the field, its brown coat that isn't furfurred with light. The rock that isn't a rabbitwould be warm to a palm but wouldn'tquicken or strain from touch. It doesn't achewith hunger or pine with rabbit-lust,doesn't breathe the world in, translatingscent into some rabbit understanding.The world is beyond its understanding.And yet the rock that is not a rabbit willoutlast the hawk banking above, the foxsloughing free of its den, the wheel nickingoff the road to disturb the gravel berm,the mower coughing up the neighbor's yard.Even so, its ears fold back against its bodyas if to make itself small, a secret,though when a breeze disorders the grass,the rock's stillness appears like wild motion.

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Corey Marks is the author of Renunciation, a National Poetry Series selection, and The Radio Tree, winner of the Green Rose Prize. His recent poems appear in Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day, AGNI, Birmingham Poetry Review, Gettysburg Review, New England Review, and The Sewanee Review. He teaches at University of North Texas where he is a Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director of Creative Writing.

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