Two for November

Alice Notley

                                                          1.              Remembering Novembers all the Novembersare this leafy room                                                    and I'm the onein the carriage                                 over the rustle and under therustle of leaves         under the sky flowing I'mthe one         I'm a solemn solemn baby                 I'm nobody the baby                                                                and I'm the nobodypushing the baby            we float through goldleafy rooms          almost enough           it's almostwhen it was enough                                                   we search each other outvia oceanic                           eyes                                        no we're just taking awalk           and we're almost home                                                                         and the silverhandle is cold in my hands                                                               and I'm tiredof flowing blue and gold                                                           2.All music when you come to think                                                                             butto be released                                too short a day for laterlater, when the various rains willcome, when the size and weight of it willbe known          when intelligence will be brilliancemore, radiance          radiance when I am theworld's light as you           when I havewrenched out all my substance                  then I can sit on the porch withmy baby       in the bronzed autumn light

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Alice Notley’s upcoming books are The Speak Angel Series, and Early Works, from which “Two for November” is taken. Also forthcoming is a book of poem/drawings, called Runes and Chords. Other recent books include For the Ride and Eurynome’s Sandals. She lives and writes in Paris, France.

Early Works collects Pulitzer-Prize nominated poet Alice Notley's first four out of print poetry collections, along with 80 pages of previously uncollected material. A must have for any Alice Notley fan. Includes original cover artwork as well, by Philip Guston, Philip Whalen and George Schneeman, among others.

“The range, comprehensiveness, and empathetic imagination of Alice Notley’s poems are among the major astonishments of contemporary poetry. Book by surprising book, she reinvents not only herself as a poet, but also what it means for anyone to write a poem at this volatile moment in our history.”
— Robert Polito

“Alice Notley is a disobedient medium: the dead speak through her and she speaks back. Sometimes she’s a poet of intimate address, sometimes of epic sweep. Notley’s formal experiments allow us to make contact with poetry’s originary and anarchic force.”
— Ben Lerner

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