Eloisa Amezcua

                                                                                                                        she's an ocean she fills the room                                                                                                           like water she is water she sways                                                                                            like water she rocks as she sings                                                                                                           quietly she mouths the words                                                                                                                               to her favorite song on repeat                                                                                                                           again & again quietly one                                                                                                           wrong word & poof she might                                                                                                                           unravel unspool there there                                                                                                                                       on her bedroom floor one                                                                                                                           wrong step in any direction                                                                                                           one move & the wind she is                                                                                                                           current she is air she moves                                                                                                                                       & the world at her feet                                                                                                                           the world she is scatters

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image of Eloisa Amezcua
Amelia Golden

Eloisa Amezcua is from Arizona. Her second collection of poems, Fighting Is Like a Wife, was published by Coffee House Press (April 2022). Amezcua’s debut collection, From the Inside Quietly, is the inaugural winner of the Shelterbelt Poetry Prize selected by Ada Limón. A MacDowell fellow, her poems and translations are published in New York Times Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Kenyon Review, Gulf Coast, and others.

cover of fighting is like a wife

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Through formally varied poems about the real-life featherweight boxer Bobby Chacon and his wife, Amezcua’s second collection probes notions of violence, sport, marriage and gender roles.”
The New York Times

“In Amezcua’s work every possible choice available to a poet has been made with intention and expert execution. . . . This level of attention to the physicality of poetry allows form and placement to become part of the language or perhaps a language of its own.”
—Angie Dribben, The Los Angeles Review

“The vibrant second collection from Amezcua explores the life of world-boxing champion Bobby Chacon and his wife, Valerie Ginn. . . . Using redaction, repetition, and a dizzying variety of concrete poems that are like a literary magic-eye, Amezcua reveals new implications beneath the haunting text.”
Publishers Weekly

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