Breughelian Madrigal

Lisa Russ Spaar

Winter, The Birdtrap, Pieter Brueghel II
A matter of low countries —ice-stunned canals, dusk-cheeky
planks scalloped with steaming bowls,skates, a scape theatrical & claustrophobic —
multifarious concoction on viewbut private too, woman with hiked wool
skirt peeing in snow, old shed doorpropped up, rigged with trick stick to trip & floor
unwitting doves:   scant meat, true.Wicker bones.  Steep rooftop snoods,
black trees, vista latticed, un-baited,single black crow bearing the weight
of thought, pre-modern, anachronistic& so already slaughtered, I know myself in it.

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Lisa Russ Spaar’s most recent poetry collection is Orexia (2017, Persea). She is the director of the creative writing program at The University of Virginia, and a contributing editor of On the Seawall.

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I launched On The Seawall in 2007 as a site for my personal page and occasional comment, but as my involvement with commentary grew along with the size of the site’s readership, On The Seawall soon evolved into a regularly refreshed book review site. In the spring of 2018, as the old and unfixable code underlying the site began to break down, I considered three options: shut down, rebuild On The Seawall as it stands, or apply the resource and direct the site’s audience to a broader purpose. After discussing the potential with my friends, I decided to relaunch On The Seawall to accommodate diverse commentary, new writing across genres, and art. In particular, the site ]presents and discusses poetry, lyrical and speculative fiction, literature in translation, and cultural expression via essays and reviews.

We are living in a time of emergency during which our art may act as performances of intervention. Back in 2007, I titled this site On The Seawall for a reason — because there is always an emergency, communal and/or personal, requiring a stay against the flood.

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