from Gesualdo

Lyn Hejinian

Gesualdo to an                Gesualdo d rests his life faithful, his, in pieces, introduction                     are discontinuous and harm the use, who did                                              not lack intensity. c and highly individual the                                              murder which was married between instances of                                              workmanship and reduction. Their dramatic                                              exclamations push the basic scale a time of the                                              more true. b whose fame rests on her lover and                                              between. The first vocal in the first four in the                                              last two are discontinuous and harmonic to an                                              introduction.Gesualdo,                           Gesualdo extraordinary and because he gatheredgathered                             thought (as these things were bound) one doubt                                              sand hopes and after four years murdered. Ges-                                              ualdo had time around even in these days ap-                                              peared. Voice and word had taken the one and                                              their equivalents were the spoken word in retro-                                              spect. Gesualdo and died there a modernist us-                                              ing purposes that went like Melchizedilc, 'with-                                              out father and mother,' of no progeny born and                                              died there. That some of the growing about                                              the turn (not without provocation) for purposes                                              a little to him he murdered and died there a                                              modernist. Learning from him being acknow-                                              ledged at Ferrara the most brilliant ended and                                              returned. He founded, he seems to, he develop-                                              ed, he is important. Into turns he issued and                                              returned b and composer he caused his faithful                                              year. Some time the remainder a master of ex-                                              pression which has given history complexity in                                              advance. Yet in this lies the true. Gesualdo is                                              famous and a lover. In that year remarkable he                                              had proved himself in musical style of anything                                              achieved. It was hard to resist the harsh thrill-                                              ing pleasure, the greedy harmonies and disso-                                              nance, filling the ordinary, throughout his pres-                                              tige erring on the grounds. Erring is faithful,                                              though the proper matter of his song. Gesualdo                                              reflects. His moods change during his life. For                                              that matter, it ever has been and ever will be,                                              repeated, one unrelenting               Gesualdo sits lonely and isolated in the foothills,schedule in                        not unpleasant and impressive. This is no acci-fascinating                        dent. And so entwined. Seven children playeddetail                                    in the courtyard, sufficient signs of fecundity, in                                              the chronicles, the subject of endless poems, of                                              the tales contained therein, of writers are filled                                              with it.the element of                  With a personal sense of guilt and an unspeak-dialogue                              able desperation, the erotic is transformed. Theinherent                              ardor alternates, love into mourning and ecstasy                                              into flight. The early first place is of a greater                                              reason partially to reside. It can no longer be                                              thought of as a colorful interlude, but a new                                              aesthetic of such dimension as ours appearing                                              hard, attempted to this time, with gratitude,                                              and generously, fearful of abandonment. In the                                              opening of two voices between inner parts, pro-                                              vides, provides, only a difference of outer voices.                                              We hope to set the lengthy self complete, long-                                              er, alert, savouring through extension.

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Lyn Hejinian teaches at the University of California, Berkeley. She is the author of of over twenty volumes of poetry and critical prose, including several poetry collections previously published by Omnidawn: The UnfollowingThe Book of a Thousand EyesSaga | Circus, and The Fatalist. She is the co-director (with Travis Ortiz) of Atelos, a literary project commissioning and publishing cross-genre work by poets, and the co-editor (with Jane Gregory and Claire Marie Stancek) of Nion Editions, a chapbook press.

Tuumba Press

Berkeley, California

Hejinian's fourth book, Gesualdo, was published in May, 1978 as the 15th issue from her own Tuumba Press. Letter-pressed with four colors of ink, the interior of the paper covers is blue. Edition of 450.

Tuumba Press issued fifty pamphlets and a poster between 1976–1984. In addition, the press issued numerous small broadsides, cards, and other ephemera.

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