From “Reconstructions”

Bradley Trumpfheller

I won’t explain. My aunts spell                                                                                                               around the vanity mirror& centerpiece me, my lips plummed,                                                                            my neck belled mid-flight.                     After the food’s uncooked, the heirloom paring knifestitched up the bell peppers & dark meat,                                                                                            after the fiddle leaves                                        left their fiddles, the porch undressed of wasps & usour old names—                                                          right here. As if even the evening                  didn’t let on. No parking lot, no gas stations. A scytheof emptied prisons shudder                                                                                 alongside the highway; bougainvillea& gun oil in the sheets. All my cousins slow-dancing                                            in their cowboy boots & antlers.                                                               My mothers singing to the dogwood tree                blooming black across my arm. Your hand finally on the small of my back, without any kind of fear. This time, I’ll be a girl & you can be anythingalive. Take the rope off your wrists.                                                                          Somewhere far away from here,                     a star’s unspooling its star-white curtain.                                                           What happens if we begin already angels?Press your ears to my wingspan. Hum a little. We are the most possible kind of daughterhood.                                                                                                                    I promise. Step into the light.                    Let me see the mark our rapture left behind.

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Bradley Trumpfheller is the author of the chapbook Reconstructions (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2020). They are the coeditor of Divedapper and currently live outside of Boston.

June 2019

Chicago, Illinois

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