my president

Danez Smith

    today, i elect jonathan, eleven & already making roads out of water    young genius, blog writer, lil community activist, curls tight    as pinky swears, black as my nation        i trust the world in his tender    blooming hands, i trust him to tell us which rivers are safe to drink    & which hold fish like a promise                             & i elect eve ewing, who i know would ms. frizzle the country                            into one big classroom where grandmas finger paint                            the national budget & uncles stand around smoking blacks                            plotting on stars for our escape            she could walk to the podium                            at her inauguration & say, the future is now, & we’d all marvel                            at the sun & moon looping the sky like a gif as the cars learned                            to fly & our skin grew bulletproof & colin kaepernick is my president, who kneels on the airbent toward a branch, throwing apples down to the children & vets                                                                             & rihanna is my president, walking out of global summits                                                                            with wine glass in hand, our taxes returned in gold                                                                            to dust our faces into coins                                                & my mama is my president, her grace stunts                        on amazing, brown hands breaking brown bread over                        mouths of the hungry until there are none unfed                                     & my grandma is my president & her cabinet is her cabinet                                    cause she knows to trust what the pan knows                                    how the skillet wins the war                                                                 & the man i saw high kicking his way down the river?                                                                he is my president         & the trans girl making songs in her closet, spinning the dark        into a booming dress? she too is my president & shonda rhimes is my president                                                                & nate marshall is my president                                 & trina is my president                                             & the boys outside walgreens selling candy                        for a possibly fictional basketball team are my presidents                         & the bus driver who stops after you yell wait! only twice                        is my pres         & the dude at the pizza spot who will give you a free slice        if you are down to wait for him to finish the day’s fourth prayer        is my president & my auntie, only a few months clean, but cleanshe is my president                                                                             & my neighbor who holds the door open when my arms                                                                            are full of laundry is my president & every head nod is my president                         & every child singing summer with a red sweet tongue is my president         & the birds                                                                 & the cooks                           & the single moms especially                                                                 & the weed dealers & the teachers                                 & the meter maid who lets you slide & the cab drivers who stop                         & the nurse’s swollen feet& the braider’s exhausted hands                                                                            & the bartender                        & beyoncé                        & all her kids                                                                & the rabbi                         & the sad girls                                                                             & the leather daddy who always stops to say good morning & the boy crying on the train & the sudden abuela who rubs his back& the uncle who offers him water & the drag queen who begins to hum                                                                             o my presidents!                                                                            my presidents!                                                                            my presidents!                                                                            my presidents!                                   show me to our nationmy only border is my body                                                         i sing your names                                                            sing your names                                                                your names                                                                             my mighty anthem

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Tabia Yapp

Danez Smith is the author of Homie and Don’t Call Us Dead, winner of the Forward Prize for Best Collection and a finalist for the National Book Award, and [insert] boy, winner of the Kate Tufts Discovery Award. They live in Minneapolis.

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