Poem for Hilda Doolittle & Hilda Morley

Jeff Alessandrelli

You made a pond for the moon

and—dusk-quick,star-struck, silent—the moon made a mirror of you.I can’t get at itwith these sameold26 letters anymore,readymade words;telltale symbols.Out of sound,into music,the best songs areseldom sung.

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Jeff Alessandrelli is the author of the poetry collection This Last Time Will Be the First and the essay collection The Man on High: Essays on Skateboarding, Hip-Hop, Poetry and The Notorious B.I.G., the latter of which was just published by the U.K. press Eyewear. Currently editing a book of poems by the recently deceased poet Mark Baumer, Jeff also directs the vinyl record poetry press Fonograf Editions, which has issued LPs by Eileen Myles, Rae Armantrout, and Alice Notley.

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January/February 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Scanlon

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