Karla Cordero

Contractors unveil 8 prototypes for trump’s border wall in San Diego County—Tribune Media Wire, October 26, 2017

they’ve been out there     for weeks    metal in the sun          twisted wire    the ghost-making deed of cement                                       forging a dead-end      teaching a country      how to erase a country               & a people learnto butterfly over exile                                                                 be the swarm of beesbe their pollinated-backs        who learn to harpoon the wind       be marching moonlightlight-woken shadows              snake holes                         the opposite to splinterrain      like bone water               droplets of faces          willing to offer their throats  like the neck      of the bloom scattering dandelion       that children are eager to hold

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Karla Cordero is a descendant of the Chichimeca people from northern Mexico, a Chicana poet, educator, and activist, raised along the borderlands of Calexico, CA. She is a Pushcart nominee and offered fellowships from VONA, Macondo, The Loft Literary Center, CantoMundo, and Pink Door Retreat.

Karla teaches creative writing and composition at San Diego City College and MiraCosta College, receiving recognitions such as the San Diego State University Global Diversity Award and Associate Faculty of the Year for education and social justice.

Her commitment to bridging education and community is further practiced as the founder of Voice For Change: a spoken word showcase, inviting nationally award winning writers to share their narratives of survival and celebration for diversity through performance and workshop facilitation.

She is the founder and editor of SpitJournal, an online literary review for poetry and social justice, a space where artists share their activism and artistry on a national scale.

In addition, as a performing artist, Karla is the 2013 Gland Slam Champion, aiding the Elevated San Diego Slam Team to rank 4th in the nation at the National Poetry Slam Competition. She has been invited to perform for television networks such as NBC 7 San Diego Art Pulse, TBN Juice Live, and the Old Globe Theater.

Karla’s chapbook, Grasshoppers Before Gods (2016) was published by Dancing Girl Press and her first book is to be published by NOT A CULT. publishing (Fall 2018)


October/November 2018

Charlottesville, Virginia

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