Sadder Summer

Zachary Schomburg

The house was crumbling down slowly around me like a paper marigold. It had been a summer full of interviews. I had become simplified into my most primitive body. Now me experienced, me said. Now me not alone.

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Photo of Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg is the father of 35 children, none of which are visible. They are very tiny and live in his hair. They are the ones who wrote these three books: The Man Suit (Black Ocean, 2007), Scary, No Scary (Black Ocean, 2009), and FJORDS vol. I (Black Ocean, 2012). Zachary Schomburg is a girl. Zachary Schomburg is a refrigerator. Zachary Schomburg is a talking wolf and she co-edits Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books while living in Portland, OR.

"The surreal is never grandiose or bombastic in Schomburg’s poems, it is right there, inside you, at all times, like a tiger, like a fog."
—Mathias Svalina, the Dream Delivery Service

"Schomburg is a comedic king, his work, a rabbit hole of innovative, whimsical darkness."
Publishers Weekly

"Seemingly silly but carrying a strange emotional weight, his uneasy poems nod to a larger loneliness or disconnection."
The Stranger

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