They Found Me

Alaina Pepin

kneeling in a corn field when the snowcame. I was holding a rosary and a bikechain, trying to remember which onewould get me closer to God. At my feetwere two white candlesticks that I brokein half, a book of matches, a brass handbell. I made a crossbow of handlebarsand fishing line, an arrowhead of artichokeheart. How many drops of holy waterwill it take to clean my hands of ashand WD-40. As they carried me overtheir shoulders, I sang half-hymns, mouthedit is well. When they laid me on my stoop,wrapped in flannel, I slapped my palmto the cement, struck a match.Made my own sixth circle.

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Alaina Pepin teaches middle and high school English in Gold Beach, Oregon. Her work has appeared in Dunes Review, Rust + Moth, and Beech Street Review, among others.

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