When the Other Man Asked Him Did He Pray

Richard Robbins

He kept driving, the storefronts a shoulder-to-shoulder forest he couldn’t        see around.
All those miles down the boulevard, numbers counting down by twos.
And the field opening where the buildings end, and light settling over the        lengthening eye.
And wind across the tops of bluestem and the lives of insects.
And all animals in the grass, even birds, moving in their own ways under        the sun.
And on the horizon, something like his shadow walking, something small        as a daytime star against the blue moving up and down over the far        line of earth.

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Richard Robbins has published five books of poetry, most recently Body Turn to Rain: New & Selected Poems (Lynx House). He directs the creative writing program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

A Public Space

Issue 26 – 2017

Brooklyn, New York

Editor: Brigid Hughes
Managing Editor: Megan Cummins
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